Our Process

From brand strategy to design, we are with you every step of the way.
The first step on your journey

Let’s discover the direction you need to go with our BrandMap.

Not sure if the BrandMap is right for you?
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Get clear and concise with your brand and propel your business to the next level. Let us guide you through the BrandMap — our comprehensive deep-dive that shows you where your opportunities lie and where you need to go. We have the tools to start you on your next journey.

Includes an interview and a written brief that identifies your business and brand opportunities with a plan to move forward.

You can then implement the strategy on your own, or work with us to make the creative come to life. If you choose to work with Sherpa, the price of your BrandMap is applied to the packages below.

BrandMap: $1,250

(Cost of the BrandMap is deducted from your personal package below)

The second leg of your journey

A designed package that’s right for you.

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Once we’ve complete your BrandMap, you will have a compassed direction on where you need to go and what you need to implement. You can choose to start your brand journey on your own, or work with Sherpa with a tailored package of design work.

All custom packages include a range of designed options on logo/identity design, brand collateral, website, content & SEO strategies, online marketing and social media. 

The BrandJump

Looking for a new identity and the essentials to complement it? The BrandJump will get you started quickly so you can move forward.

The package includes a new logo identity, stationery business materials, social profiles, and a SquareSpace landing page to launch your business. Of course, it will be all plotted with a branding guide to direct you on your journey.

Package: $10,750

(BrandMap $1,250 will be deducted)

The BrandTrek

The BrandTrek is the perfect size for most businesses.

This package includes a new strategic brand direction with logo identity, a full stationery package, website with targeted SEO and content, website development, and a branding guideline to help you on your way.

Package: $18,750

(BrandMap $1,250 will be deducted)

The BrandSummit

If your journey is only to the top, then the BrandSummit is the right package to launch your business. From naming your company or service, to strategizing your online presence, Sherpa transforms your business with high-caliber branding components that will make the maximum impact in your market. 

This package includes a strategic brand direction with new name, logo identity, full stationery package, website with targeted SEO and content, web development, social media, email marketing, brand campaign direction with assets, complemented with a branding guideline. Achieve your destination with the BrandSummit.

Package: $38,750

(BrandMap $1,250 will be deducted)

Looking for something different

Have a fun project you want to get started?

We are always open to meeting new clients and designers alike. Some of our best work has come from projects that been dropped in our path. Give us a call and let’s chat about your cool idea.

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Let’s get things done, and done right the first time.

Every step of the way, our clients know us as design partners with a clear and concise approach to get brands to market.
Purpose-driven branding,
every step of the way.